Play Suika Game Online!

A highly addictive new puzzle game called Suika has been getting popular after Connections Unlimited. The name “Suika” means watermelon in Japanese, which is the key ingredient in this fruity Tetris-style smash hit.

Suika’s gameplay involves lining up rows of advancing fruit that must be tapped to smash together. Players have to quickly tap matching fruits, like watermelons, grapes, oranges and lemons, to combine them into larger versions of that fruit.

How to Play Suika Watermelon Game?

Suika is a viral mobile puzzle game where players have to match falling fruit to make bigger fruit combinations. With its simple yet challenging gameplay, Suika has become an online sensation.

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Here is a guide to playing this addictive fruit-matching game:

The Goal

The goal is to match falling fruit with the same fruit on the bottom to create bigger, combined fruit pieces. Matching longer chains will create juice combos and higher points.


  • Different colored fruit like watermelons, grapes, oranges ready to fall from the top.
  • Touch your phone screen or laptop screen where you want it to be dropped.
  • Position the fallen fruit so the matching ones match.
  • Matching fruit will combine into a bigger version and juice will splash.
  • Try to pull off chain reactions by matching multiple fruit colors.
  • The pace speeds up over time adding challenge.


  • Points are earned by matching fruit and creating combos.
  • Bigger fruit combinations create more juice splash for extra points.
  • Keep matching fruit as the pace quickens for high scores.


  • Magnets automatically pull falling fruit towards matches.
  • Multipliers increase points earned for a short time.


Suika Watermelon Game is the popular game worldwide, which is initially been launched in Japan as スイカスイカゲーム. The Suika game is an engaging and user friendly game that keep the user happy.