Play Colorfle on Wordle Unlimited!

Colorfle is a color-guessing game that has been created on the idea of a wordle unlimited game. You have to guess the correct combinations of colors to make the final given color.

How to Play Colorfle?

Colorfle is a color-guessing game in which the user has 6 chances to guess the correct combination of colors. You have to choose the colors carefully as the colorfle is created by the combination of 50% first, 30% second, and 20% third color.

Colorfle Modes

Colorfle game has three modes “normal, practice and custom”.

In the normal game you can guess the combinations of color once a day and the next will be available at 5pm time. In the practice mode you can play unlimited colorfle and improve your color learning skills. Moreover, in the custom mode, you can create your own color by trying different combination of colors.