Play Sumplete by Chatgpt!

Sumplete is a logic-based puzzle game inspired by Sudoku and Hikaru. You can play this game on our website wordle unlimited. This game is created using the popular AI bot chatgpt. To win the game you have to delete the numbers in the grids so that the remaining numbers sum to the total of the number mentioned at the bottom or right corner. Enjoy Playing the Sumplete Game!

How To Play Sumplete?

Following is the guide to play the Sumplete game:

Getting Started 

First, you have to understand the interface. On the screen, you’ll see a grid of numbers with the target number displayed on the right and bottom sides. To delete a number, you simply click or tap on it. If you want to select multiple numbers, you can click and drag your mouse, or swipe your finger across the screen.

Undo Moves 

Everyone makes mistakes, and that’s why there’s an ‘Undo’ button for you to undo a move. The keyboard shortcut for this is usually Ctrl+Z. And if you think you’ve made too many errors to continue, you can always restart the game using the ‘Reset’ button or the keyboard shortcut, usually R.

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Checking Your Solution

Once you’ve made your moves, you’ll naturally want to know if you’ve solved the puzzle correctly. This is where the ‘Check’ or ‘Submit’ button comes into play. By clicking on it, you’ll find out if your solution is correct.
Remember, different versions of Sumplete might have additional controls or features, so always read the instructions or tutorials before you start playing.

Sumplete – Features

This game provides you a lot of fun features, same are listed as under:

Basic Gameplay

Sumplete is played on a grid, with each row and column having a target number that’s displayed clearly. Your task is to remove numbers to help the rows and columns to add up to their targeted number. Keep in mind that numbers can only be deleted if they are adjacent to another number, either horizontally or vertically. When a number is deleted, remaining numbers in that row or column will shift to fill the gap.

Winning the Game

Your victory is confirmed when all rows and columns simultaneously add up to their target numbers. Sumplete offers various levels of difficulty, so you can challenge yourself with larger grids and higher target numbers.

Online Tools

The diversity of online tools offered by Sumplete is one of its strongest features. You can select a number to either delete it (marked with a red ‘X’) or save it (marked with a green circle).


Playing Sumplete is easy and you just have to visit this site. Then, you can select numbers to remove or keep. Try to work on the entire grid simultaneously. After you’ve finished solving the grid, click “New Puzzle” to start over, or select a higher grid size for a trickier challenge.

Multiple Difficulty Levels

Sumplete offers different difficulty levels to keep the game exciting. The bigger the grid and the higher the target numbers, the more challenging the puzzle becomes.

A Brain-Boosting Game

Beyond its entertaining gameplay, Sumplete is also a powerful tool for enhancing logical thinking and problem-solving skills. By presenting players with a puzzle that requires strategic removal of numbers, the game encourages critical thinking and fosters mental agility.

Bottom Line

Sumplete is an exciting, mind-challenging game that offers countless hours of fun and mental stimulation. Its straightforward rules and variety of features let the users of all ages have an engaging experience. Sumplete is the ideal game to exercise your mind, whether you’re an experienced player searching for a novel challenge or a puzzle fan looking for a new leisure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens If I Make A Mistake In Sumplete?

The ‘Undo’ button allows you to go back and correct a mistaken action. The ‘Reset’ button allows you to restart the game if you have a lot of errors.

How Do I Check My Solution In Sumplete?

Once you’ve made your moves, you can check if your solution is correct by clicking on the ‘Check’ or ‘Submit’ button.

What Is The Objective Of Sumplete?

The aim is to remove numbers so that the remaining digits in each row and column add up to the target number displayed. You win when all rows and columns simultaneously meet their target numbers.

What Online Tools Does Sumplete Offer?

Sumplete provides tools to select a number for deletion (marked with a red ‘X’) or to save it (marked with a green circle). These tools can help you strategize your moves.

How Can I Adjust The Difficulty In Sumplete?

Sumplete offers various difficulty levels by varying the grid size and target numbers. A larger grid and higher target numbers make the game more challenging.

Can I Save A Number In Sumplete?

Yes, you can mark a number to save it (signified with a green circle). This feature allows you to strategize your moves by keeping certain numbers in the grid.