Play Word500 Game !

Play word500 game and Guess the secret word in 8 attempts or less a bit similar like wordle game. After each guess, the three colored (green-yellow-red) tiles on the right will show how many letters of your guess are in the secret word and how many are in the right position. A bit like Wordle, except that Wordle tells you exactly which letters are green and yellow. Word500 just tells you how many there are! The Word500 on-screen keyboard contains two special keys, that you won’t see in many other Wordle spinoffs. The underscore _ character you can use as a placeholder to (for example) write P_N_S and figure out what word fits that pattern. On your real keybnoard you can use either – or _ The “Hint” button helps you when you are stuck. It generates a word that fits all previous clues. Can you resist the temptation?

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