Play Xordle Daily and Unlimited!

Xordle is a similar game like wordle Unlimited. Its gameplay is also the same as wordle it is developed by Josh Wardle. You have to guess two secret 5-letter words in six tries.

How to Play Xordle Unlimited?

You can play Xordle daily and unlimited on our website. Simply by clicking on the daily and unlimited button in the above game. This game is available on daily basis however you can play it unlimited times by switching to the unlimited mode. You can also check Wordle Jr or Heardle Unlimited.

Below is the step-by-step guide on playing Xordle at its best:

Step 1: Starting the Game

Xordle is an addictive and fascinating word game. The game rules are simple and easy. You start off with a random clue, this clue sets you on the path towards discovering the two hidden words. This clue applies to all players, thus leveling the playing field. Your primary task is to decipher the two secret words concealed in the game’s virtual board.

Step 2: Trials and Attempts

To make the game more thrilling, you are given a total of nine trials to figure out the concealed words. Each trial should contain a legitimate 5-letter word. The constraint of using a real 5-letter word at every attempt adds a layer of complexity and engagement to the game. It’s this constraint that makes the game intriguing and keeps players coming back for more.

Step 3: Letter Colour Changes

One engaging aspect of Xordle is that the letter’s color changes with each attempt to give you a clue to spell the word correctly. The colors work as follows:

  • Green: if a letter is present in both words and in the correct spot
  • Yellow: if a letter is present in one or both of the words, but not in the correct spot
  • Grey: if the letter totally excluded from the word

This color scheme acts as a helpful guide during your gameplay, nudging you closer to your goal.

Step 4: Restrictions

The game has a few significant limitations that make it more challenging. First, the two secret words do not share any common letters. Secondly, there is no letter overlap between the two words. This ensures that each word is unique and keeps the game challenging.

Prominent and Comprehensive Game Features

Following are the features of that you will surely admire:

Limited Attempts

The limited number of attempts is one of the most distinctive features of Xordle. The game only allows nine trials to guess the concealed words, adding to the challenge and making each attempt feel valuable.


Lastly, the game keeps track of the number of attempts you’ve made and displays the successful attempt count once you’ve cracked the words. This not only increases the game’s competitiveness but also provides players with a baseline for future contests.

Daily and Random Mode

Another feature of Xordle is the availability of two modes: daily and random. Only one game session per day can be played in daily mode. This limits the amount of time players can spend on the game, making it a special event in their daily routine. The random mode, on the other hand, allows for infinite play, perfect for those who love to binge on brain-teasing puzzles.

Colour-Guided Hint

The color-changing letters that indicate the proximity to the correct words act as an innovative hint system. This feature not only guides players towards the correct words but also maintains the suspense and excitement of the game.

Direct Play

Players can immediately enter the action thanks to the direct play option. There are no lengthy tutorials or complex rules to understand. You simply start with a random clue and proceed to guess the hidden words.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Purpose Of the Colour Changes In Xordle?

The colour changes in Xordle serve to provide hints towards the correct word. Green indicates a letter is in the correct spot in both words, yellow indicates a letter is in one or both words but in the wrong spot, and grey means the letter isn’t present in either word.

Are there common Letters Between the Two Secret Words in Xordle?

No, the two secret words in Xordle do not share any common letters, and there’s no overlap of letters between the two words.

What’s the Key to Success in Xordle?

The key to success in Xordle is a combination of a good vocabulary, a keen eye for pattern recognition, and strategic use of the color hints. It’s also important to remain patient and take your time to think through each guess.

Final Words

Xordle is a simple yet captivating word game. With its color-guided hints, social media integration, and the thrill of limited attempts, it offers a unique and engaging gameplay experience. Whether you prefer to play daily or randomly, Xordle has something to offer everyone.